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Mothers Day

To help celebrate Mothers Day, Moorish Blue have crafted a set menu especially for the occasion.


(choose one)

Tunisian Brika (potato, egg and tuna turnover)
Grilled squid salad, Moorish eggplant, chilli dressing
Moorish dips: beetroot, carrot, hummus, bread

Main Meal

(choose one)

Grilled barramundi, black chickpeas, purple kale, tahini yoghurt
Mutton backstrap, caponata (aubergine stew), fried okra, spiced yoghurt dressing
Pearl couscous, roasted eggplant, tahini, chives


(choose one)

Tunisian orange syrup cake, blood orange fool, almonds
Rosewater panna cotta, chocolate Persian fairy floss, strawberries

$69 per person

Join us at Moorish Blue for Mothers Day

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