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For Food’s Sake

In April Moorish Blue hosted a dinner for a collection of Sydney's foodie blogging community. They came, they saw, they ate, and now... they are writting about what they thought of their experience at Moorish Blue.

On April 17th, the folks from For Food's Sake posted their review over at their blog. Along with a wonderful array of photos showcasing the scrumptious food that was on offer that night. In the words of Vanessa, Bianca and Alex...

We were treated to a mix of starters including oysters with lime & harissa dressing ($4 each), salt cod croquettes ($15) which were literally “amazeballs” and a mixed dip plate consisting of three dips, beetroot, carrot and humus with warm pita bread ($16). A very tasty start that truly built up our anticipation for the remainder of the dishes we were to try that night.

...and that was just the start...

Being banquet style, the dishes came at us at a steady pace and one of the most notable things for me, beside the flavor, was the vibrant color of the dishes. One of my favorite dishes was set down early on in the evening from the ‘small plates’ menu being the fig salad, goats cheese with basturma ($19). This was fresh, full of flavor and the basturma (dry aged beef) went so well with the other elements – I could have this as a main!

To read the full story of Vanessa, Bianca and Alex's adventure in Moorish food, pop over to the For Food's Sake blog and read the full article.

Salt cod croquettes which were literally: amazeballs

Who is, For Food's Sake?

For Food’s Sake is a food, travel and lifestyle blog created by family members Vanessa, Bianca and Alex. Having talked about starting a blog and sharing our love of food, we thought we would bite the bullet and give it a shot. Growing up in a traditional Italian household, we, as a family have had the pleasure of constantly being surrounded by delicious food. In this blog we will be sharing restaurant reviews, our favourite recipes (including some gems from Nonna’s handwritten recipe collection) and some travel pieces.

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