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Excuse Me Waiter Review

Last April we hosted a dinner for a collection of Sydney's foodie bloggers at Moorish Blue. On that night the guys from Excuse Me Waiter came along to taste and experience the atmosphere we have on offer at the Moorish Blue restaurant.

Soon after their visit, Excuse Me Waiter published their review of the food and entertainment at Moorish Blue. Here is a snippet of what they had to say...

A winner at Moorish Blue is definitely the squid. I don’t know how they cook it, but boy do the chefs have skills! The squid here is the most tender squid I’ve ever eaten – there’s still some chewiness retained, but overall it’s super soft. I really enjoyed the flavours in this dish, especially the chilli dressing which provided a spicy kick.

Later during dessert...

After finishing up all the savoury food, we moved out into the courtyard to enjoy a dessert platter and some shisha. There was a bit of everything on the dessert platter, but the table favourite was definitely the rosewater panna cotta which had a nice balance of sweetness with a light syrup on top.

To read the full review of Moorish Blue's Bloggers Night, pop over to the Excuse Me Waiter blog to read the full article.

Cous cous royal, braised lamb, chicken & merguez

Who is, Excuse Me Waiter?

Excuse Me Waiter is a documented food adventure run by two hungry Gen Y food fanatics DK and Yvn. We can often be found roaming Sydney in search of interesting foods from food courts to high-end restaurants.

Excuse Me Waiter

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